Martin County High School Band

Washington DC Trip,  March 26-31st, 2014

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Performance Videos

Night Flight - Henry Fillmore

My Kingsland Spring - Hazo

Slavonic Folk Suite - Alfred Reed

Other Videos

Playing with Snow

Dinner Cruise Dancing

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Changing of the Guard

National Zoo

Awards Banquet Dance

Air & Space Museum Space Shuttle Tour Segment

We left MCHS on Wednesday March 26th around 7 pm on two tour busses. 53 students, Mr. Holoweiko and 8 chaperones. During the trip we watched a couple of movies and stopped every 3 hours or so. Soon most of us were asleep. Around 3 am we changed drivers and met Del and Rich who would drive us for the next four days. Around 9 am we stopped for breakfast at a Mc Donalds and soon after we were back on the road. A little after noon we stopped at a rest area and immediately noticed there was still snow on the ground in some spots. Everyone ran out to play with the snow although it was very wet and icy we managed to make some snowballs and have fun throwing them. We arrived to the DC metro area around 1 pm. The busses dropped us off in font of the museum of natural history where we took a group photo and then wandered off in groups of 4 or more. A large group of us decided to visit the Holocaust Museum. We got there and picked up the required tickets that allowed access at 2:30 pm. We had to wait for a little over 30 minutes so we wandered around the lobby area and later watched part of a historical movie being shown in the lower level theater. We entered the museum at 2:30 pm and wandered through the exhibits for about an hour and later walked back to the museum of natural history. By then we were very hungry so our first stop was at their restaurant. We strolled through the museum and later met with our group around 5:15 pm at the front of the museum. We left around 5:30 pm for Union Station where we had 6 pm dinner reservations at UNO's pizzeria. We were seated around 6:30 pm and had some good pizza and pasta. At 7:30 pm we were boarding the busses and soon riding towards the hotel. We encountered a lot of traffic and arrived at the hotel around 9 pm. We got our keys, picked up our bags and instruments and headed to our rooms. A little later a group of kids went to the pool and a handful went to the gym, but soon they grew tired and headed to their rooms. By the 11 pm curfew everyone was in their respective rooms and hopefully went to sleep not long later.

Thursday Pictures

On Friday we woke up early and headed for breakfast at the hotel around 6:30 am. At 7:15 am got on the busses headed for the performance center. Arrived at the Hylton Performing Arts Center at 7:45 am. Warmed up in the main stage. At 9:00 am the official performance started. We left for National Mall at 10:00 am. We arrived to Museum of American History around 11:00 am. At 12:40 pm we met in back of the Museum of American History and walked to the Reagan Center for lunch. 2:00 pm meet in front of Reagan Center and get on busses for city tour. Our first stop was in front of the White House. Then we visited Arlington cemetery. Visited Iwo Jima memorial. Visited the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and Korean War Memorial. At 6:45 pm we arrived at the dinner cruise dock. Around 10:00 pm we headed back to the busses to take us to hotel. 11:00 pm curfew.

Friday Pictures

Saturday morning we met on the busses at 7:15 am and left for breakfast. 8:30 am arrive to Hard Rock Cafe downtown DC. 9:45 am get back on busses and head to Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Visit Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial and MLK Memorial. Got on busses around 11:30 am to go to the zoo. 11:45 am arrive to National Zoo. Lunch at zoo. 3:30 pm meet in front of zoo and head for hotel. 6:30 pm meet on busses to head out to awards ceremony. 7:00 pm arrive to awards ceremony location for dinner followed by the awards ceremony and later a dance. 10:00 pm back on busses. 11:00 pm curfew.

Saturday Pictures

Sunday morning we packed our bags and loaded the busses by 8:00 am the headed for breakfast. 8:30 am breakfast at Magill's. At 9:30 am we departed for the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Smithsonian Air & Space.) 1:00 pm load busses and start the trip back home. 3:30 pm stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel. 4:15 pm get back on buuses and continu trip. 8:30 pm stop for dinner at Mc Donalds. 9:15 pm continue trip back home. Switch drivers around midnight. Arrive to MCHS at 8:20 am.

Sunday Pictures